Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The night I wrecked my room-mate's bike (and my face)

So one time I barrowed my room-mate's bike without asking. Naturally, I wrecked it. I was trying to catch up with my friends, so I was standing as I pedaled and I was going fast. Then the handlebar grip slipped off. The bars went sideways and hit me near the groin. The impact bent the handlebars to a crease. The front wheel went sideways and threw me forwards. My hands got stuck behind the bars and the first part of my body to hit ground was my face. Fucked up my glasses and beat me up pretty bad.



I felt so bad about wrecking the bike that I stayed up super-late replacing the wrecked part with ones from my Ralleigh. He ended up getting the wheel fixed and kept my handlebars because he liked them more.

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  1. You look like young version of Mel Gibson. You should build a rat bike, Mad Max style and make a movie.