Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art Gallery

I told you we aren't the only people who call this art. Pizza Crew was offered a spot in the University of Alabama, New College art gallery. Kind of nice to see them in a clean room instead of a dirty drive-way. They'll be up for about a month, or until we take them to go a ride.

Tall Pixie: Tyler and Ant

Big Blue: Tyler, Ant and Brian

Kevin: Tyler and Ant

Chopper: Tyler

Big Red: Tyler and Daniel

Arranged from Smallest to Largest

Snapped on a run to the Pizza dumpster.

Pixie Racer 1.0

We heard that they do pixie races at Slaughterama, so we built a racing bike. First we put a nice long stem and a lean-back bmx seatpost on so you won't hit your knees on the bars. I'm 6'2" and it fit me. Then a nice cushy seat, and finally a set of aerodynamic Scott bars. But, we flew too close to the sun. The chainring wasn't big enough.

Problem: How can you race with a tiny chainring?

Solution: take fucking dremel and cut out most of the drive-side chain stay. Brilliant.

Problem: stupid idea destroyed rear triangle.

Oh well, live and learn. Looks really cool though, huh?

Dude, Sweet Fixie...

Me, Ant, and Matt went out for a nice SS ride on a lovely day.

Kevin 2.0

Also in preparation for Slaughterama, we re-worked the Kevin. First I took apart the whole held-together-by-inner-tubes-and-magic seat assembly and replaced all the wackiness with a hose-clamp and a U-bolt. I even drilled a hole for the U-bolt. Go me!

With all this, we managed to move the seat a fair-bit further forward, and while we were at we threw a nicer looking/feeling seat on. Switched out the bars for mustache bars and gave the whole thing a nice shitty paint job. I'm proud.

Big Blue

Big Blue was made specifically for our recent trip to Slaughterama, which I will post on later. We wanted to bring freakbikes, but we needed a way get them onto a VW Jetta with a roof rack. A 2-frame tallbike would have been too unstable, so we dreamed up this beast, based loosely on the Kevin Bike.

It's just one of those cheap blue Huffy's that I always see everywhere, with fork and drive-train
flipped. Then we threw a set of these massive ape-hangers, which really deserve thier own post, too. The seatpost is a piece of conduit we found outside of Baby House and the sissy-bar, obviously, is a crutch. It's held together entirely by U-bolts and hoseclamps. It rides pretty well, but needless to say, it's pretty rickety.