Friday, February 27, 2009

Hubless Wooden Cruiser

Looks hard to ride.  

Broken Aerospoke

That's pretty unfortunate.  Link.


You tax money goes to buying your oppressors the wheels you wish you had so they can put them on ugly-ass mtbs.

Sears Spaceliner

I've never seen one of these before.  Easily the slickest cruiser ever created.

Lots of other nice cruisers on the link.

Even More Muscle Bikes

Most of these are really nice.  There are also a few pages of lowriders and more.

Another Muscle BIke Gallery

This excessively busy website has a nice gallery of various muscle bikes.  This one is probably my fav.

Note, also, that the page will play "Higher" by Creed, so you might want to go ahead and mute your computer.

Murray F1 Eliminator

Sorry.  I'm might be buying one of these this Sunday, so today is stingray and muscle-bike day.

This page has the most info of any site on the net about these particular bikes.  Lots of nice pix.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Toilet Bike

Most useful invention ever.  I love the use of a unicycle for the front.  This would honestly be so easy to build with a trike scooter and a uni.

Strange Bicycles

Nothing too cool, honestly.  I think I've posted all of these before, and I think using "bicycle" by Queen has to be the most cliche thing you can do in a bike video.  Stop it, ya'll.  I'm mostly just posting to do it.  I haven't been as posty as I had intended to be.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unbelievable Bike Tricks & Stunts

Great video.  What kind of bikes are these?

Edit:  Trails Bikes

Hipster Aerospoke

Just watch it.  It's sort of funny.  Not serious.

Stationary Hipsters

Wow.  It's like a trackstand contest.  I do like the one with two orange aerospokes though.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Derringer Motor Bicycle

Nicest motor-bike ever.  Based on the original model.  This is one sexy bike.

Think Bike MTB Tricks

Lots more videos on the thinkbike youtube channel.

Zero Bike

I've seen alot of pictures of hubless/spokeless bike, but this one actually exists.  It uses magets so the wheel don't even touch the frame!!!  The propulsion is magnetic, too, which means those buttons are the brakes.  Woah!

Two more really cool pictures of other hubless wheels on the link.

Skeeter has the Coolest Fixie Ever

This pic is from the same forum as the one below, but both pix deserved thier own post.  I've always loved Skeeter's bike - even when I was a little kid.  When I first got back into bikes (read: actually into bikes, not just a little kid), my first project I wanted to do was do a reproduction of Skeeter's bike.  I looked up how much disc and trispoke wheels cost, and immediately abandoned the project.

Link. (again)

Wierdest Aero Bike Evar

Daaaaamn.  What the fuck.  This is a crazy bike!

It's a bit repetitive, but it looks like lots of fun.  I'm going to try to get my friends to do this with me when the water gets a bit warmer.

Zoobomb on the Maryhill

Something I've always wanted to do.  Also, longboarding is crazy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Banana Trike

Fukin' rad.

Big Wheel for Grown-Ups

The picture is from some small-town parade.

Link here.

Unicycle Comics

Not good ones either.  Via this thread on the forums.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adult Training Wheels


Tri-ton, I think, wants to be the next Razor scooter.  I first found them on, then tried to look into it more.  It's front-wheel drive, but appears to have coasting capability.  I've been waiting for that hub to exist.  Oh, the video is really dumb.


Railbikes are cool. Tandem railbikes have to be cooler.  Not much to the vid.

Some Wacky Trikes

This site has some pretty interesting things.  They seem to be primarily special needs cycles, which is great.  The first thing I saw was this trike with the front wheel drive.  I can't imagine that it is practical as a vehicle with a direct-drive to such a small wheel.  However, the trike conversion kits are really cool.  Unfortunately, they are $300.

A Few a Cool Ones on CL Huntsville

"Open Road 10 speed woman's bike.....$25....OBO

Girls purple Huffy bike 26inch 12 speed cross trainer ......$25...OBO

Pink Panther Girls banana bike 20 inch ....$15...OBO

Schwinn girls bike 20 inch ....$20...OBO"

Two Electra Cruisers on CL Birmingham

So you and your sweetie and roll around in matching Hawaiian shirts?  Cute bikes though.

Two 10speeds on CL Birmingham

"can shift while coasting"

o rly?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gag Bike

This guy is pretty annoying, but they have a great collection of wacky unicycles.  This video demonstrates a bicycle that comes apart into a unicycle.  They have some other videos, but they don't even ride the thing in every one, and they are pretty smug.

Tandem Pennyfarthing

Well done, too.  Two thumbs up!

Link.  (appearently)

Trek 370 on CL Birmingham

I usually don't post nice roadbikes, but this one is a 1980, so I feel that it deserves some credit.

Bicycle Lift in Norway

Woah.  Great idea.  I think I might abuse it though by riding to top and bombing down the hill.  Pretty awesome hill.

Pennyfarthing Wreck #2

These things are seriously death traps.  If the front wheel get caught up on anything (pebbles, cracks), which is really easy because the tires are hard rubber, then the entire body of the bike rotates forward with your legs behind the handlebars.  Also it's tall.  

Gentleman's Fall

That is about to hurt really bad.  Also, that appears to be a diy pennyfarthing.  Note the 8 spoke wheel.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Murray Mercury on CL Hunstville


Wacky Recumbents and More

Found here.  It's just some collection of picutres somebody made on some Australian version of geocities.  I especially like the one-wheel one.  (the link is for the homepage)

IKEA Bike?

Not really, but pretty much.  It isn't actually in production, but if it was it would ship in a flat carboard box adn is a similar concept to IKEA furniture.

Stylish Vintage Plastic Bike

There are a surprising amount of plastic bikes for something you never hear about.  I think this is the only one I've seen with multiple speeds.

Recyclable Plastic Bike

Let's just say it's plastic bike day.

The big deal with this one is that it is recyclable.  I think it would be cooler if it was recycled, but whatever.  Also, why do bikes need to be recyclable?  I mean, it's fine, but you shouldn't just throw that shit away, anyway.

Twisty Bike!

"I wouldn't get on this thing if you paid me, but I was told it rides fine"

"Sure, it rides fine until you hit a pothole or try to take a curb. "

"Seriously, this is like the worst idea ever. "

Ok, have fun with being boring.

Fugly Plastic Bike with LEDs

Carrying on with the theme.  Fixie?

Sexy Vintage Concept Bike

Also made of plastic.  Can you tell that I just google shit and post the results?

Two more really sweeeet bikes on the link.

Vintage Plastic Bike

Why didn't this catch on?

The link isn't much help.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tandem Tallbike

I've always thought this would be cool. I don't think that is how I would make mine, but whatever.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dogs on Bikes.

Yup.  Link.

Cute Pennyfarthing Pic

Lots more cute pix of folx having fun on pennyfarthings, trikes, unicycles, and more.

Balloon-Tire Penny Farthing

It's like a beach-cruiser pennyfarthing.

There are few more good ones on the Link.

Safety Bike

Ain't not.  Crimethinc is pretty cool though.

4-Wheel Suicide Unicycle

I'm a sucker for a unicycle with suicide wheels.

Badass Pixie

Looks like a pretty akward riding position.

Spinners on a Trike