Friday, November 19, 2010

Pizzaween Two!!

Pizzaween this year had a realitively good turn out, especially when it came to the freakbikes. For the first time in a long time the majority of the bikes on the ride were freaks. I didn't take too many good pictures, especially of the fun stuff because I was busy doing it. We played a few games of hard-contact freakbike footdown which many wheels. Later we played throw the wheel, drink the booze, and tallbike jousting. Whoever took the pictures of the joust couldn't be bothered to stand up, and it was dark so none of them came out. Oh well. Full album here.

The crew down at the games court, dinking.

Brief break to fix a flat.

truing a wheel

eating the pizza

gorilla hangers, pizza wagon, and old bolty.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Austin Polo Bike

Spotted this one behind a food co-op Austin, TX.  It's nice to see a polo bike that isn't just some hipster bike with color matching and an excuse to have "disc wheels".  The person who made this one has the right idea.  Fat tires, reasonable gear ratio, platform pedals.  It could use a hand brake, but what really sells it is the welded-on horizontal drop-outs.  Rear axl looks pretty damn beefy too.

Canadian Rat Rod

When I was Canada we took a pay-train as far out of Toronto as possible (long story), but at the end of the line I happened upon this sweet ratrod locke up next a literal pile of bikes.  Canadian bikes.    Note the red front reflector, the double rear brakes, useless front brake, and crazy-ass frame.  Rad.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Italian Tandem Tallbike

This one was submitted by reader Rocco.  Here's a link to the post.  Check out how tall that thin is!  It looks both junky and quality!  Even has double brakes!

Also, I'm going to start throwing some related links of bikes found on the internet down here:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tallbike Austin, TX

There is another, crappier picture of this one in the Austin Critical Mass post, but I found this picture I snapped of just this tallbike.  Albiet junky in demeanor, it seems that this character probably rides this as a main bike.  Pump.  Panier.  Ghost-ring!

Rat Bikes, Chicago!

While in Chicago, I stayed at a house and was stoked to see a tallbike with Rat Patrol written on it back in the bike room.  I also saw a nice chopper and pile of etc. bikes.

Tallbike Birthday Cake

Once, my friends Brian and Sally made me a tallbike birthday cake!  PCxBC!!

What the Fuck!?

Here's a "brilliant" "bicycle" I "built" one drunken "night".  It's just some random-ass commuter frame with wheels from a little tricycle.  You can see the fram in the background.  Front wheel drive.  The back wheels fall out when you pick it up.  Plain old stupid.  Actually rides though.

Pizza Crew Tattoo

It's been mentioned before, but here's a slightly better picture of Little Trevor's Pizza slice on his knuckle.  Jail-style.

Ape Hangers? Nah, Gorilla Hangers!!

You may have already seen these bars on Big Blue, but we threw them on a short bike first.  The ride is totally crazy because you pretty much have to grip the bars underhand.  

As mentioned in the Big Blue post, these bars deserve their own post, so here it is.  One night while out dumpstering in Tuscaloosa, I noticed a broken trashcan on the side of an alley.  To me it looked like a bucket and two sets of massive ape hangers - and I was right!  Turns out you can get two good sets of handlebars off of any curb in tuscaloosa and all you have to do is jack a garbage can.  Fortunately there are lots of broken ones in the back-alleys.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping cart?

I don't know if this is the work of some home-bum or ironic hipster, but I found this smallish shopping cart U-locked to a tree in Richmond, Virginia.

Wingnut Bikes

Just a quick shot of the bike rack over at Wingnut in RVA.  I got to ride the tandem all the way across town from Food Not Bombs.

I fixed it, right?

A good while ago, when we slept on my friend Krista's roof during Slaughterama, we appearently left a couple tiny wheels under the stairs since a few bikes obviously broke.  When we came back for Best Friends Day and partied on the same roof we realized the wheels were still there as well as a bike that once had a front wheel and no longer did.  Thinking quick (and inebriatedly) I threw the tiny wheel into the fork.  Perfect right?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tandem Tallbike

I just found this picture on fb, but I remember seeing this beast at Slaughterama2010. As I recall it belongs to the Red Love crew. They did ride it but as I recall it has to be climbed while stationary. Oh god.

EDIT:  This bike belongs to the Saddle Sores Bike Club.  Also, just noticed it doesn't appear to have a front crankset.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Red Gets Fancy

I just found this rather lovely picture on facebook of "2 tall" Joe hanging out with big red.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strawberry Short-Bus

One day Brian came over dropped off a bunch of exercise-bike parts he had stripped from an exercise bike on the side of the road. A day of two later he came by and dropped off a rusted out 20" stingray knock-off with a Strawberry Shortcake theme. The next day me and Ant made this. It's almost completely stock, but we too the wheel and chain from the exercise bike. Now the rear wheel is a 20" fixed gear wheel with pretty stout gearing and a squared-off, solid rubber rear tire. Rides like a nightmare!!!

Ass-dragger 2.0!?

While in RVA we spotted this eerily-similar-to-the-Ass-Dragger bike. Almost everything is the same. BMX frame, 20" coaster-brake wheel, big fork and front wheel, BMX bars, cruiser seat. Fucking crazy.

Big Wheel/Ass Dragger

This a bike that got built at Big Baby House without me. Basically a completely random cobbling of parts to make something at the edge of rideable. The gearing is slow and chain is slack. Personally it kills my back to ever ride it to the store. Great stuff.

The call the Big Wheel, but to me Big Wheels are front wheel drive and have 3 wheels, so I've been calling it the Ass-Dragger in my head.

Camp Slaughterama

While in RVA for best friends day, we ended up camping on Belle Isle right where all the action happens each year.



Bolt-together Tallbike

This bike is some really crazy shit. We used the flipped bottom frame design from Omahgarsh and the folding steering extension from this Instructable, but did them both in really lazy/tool-light style. The rear, yellow fork provides most of the bikes stability. The small front wheel compensates for the bikes crazy geometry. The entire thing is held together with U-bolts and hose clamps. Surprisingly strong with no welds, drilling, or cutting. The fatal flaw? When the back tire goes you have to take the ENTIRE bike apart to change it.

Sky's Tallbike

It's never gotten it's dues on here before, but this is one badass tallbike that has going since the beginning. This is the second tallbike I've ever been involved with building. Huffy rigid mtb frame on top. Pacific hardtail frame on bottom. Triangle chain routing. An actual hand-brake that kind of works. And a pseudo-cide wheel. It even has a "paint job". What a beast of a bike.

Kevin 2.0

Kevin lives at Big Baby House now.

The Old Shed

Here's some pix from my old shed at the Howie Hilton when I lived there. They were also kind of exploding into the yard.

Mine and Schuyler's tallbixe.

Badass vintage cruiser and my beloved chopper.

Schwinn varsity and my free-parts klunker.

Brian's Tallbike Build

With the help of Sam L. we made a pretty damn sweet tallbike.

Starter frames: a Murray(red) and Raleigh(blue)

Finished product

Bad Idea

Turns out there is such a thing as too drunk to build a bicycle.