Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cart Bike!!

I just realized I never posted this amazing beast. Me and Brian built this thing back in the deadly summer '09. Held together with U-bolts and hose clamps. No cuts, no drilling, and absolutely no welds. Rear suspension, 21 speeds. The basket is a shopping cart. It need at least 70 lbs. in the basket to function at all.

Lots of candid pix of some of my other beauties from the time.

A broom stick and two stems hold the two front wheels straight.

Fork U-bolted to cart.

More forks U-bolt to the cart.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Kevin's Bike"

A wacky contraption I built just before leaving and I've been working on. First of all, it's named "Kevin's Bike" after the bicycle Kevin rides in the kid's cartoon Ed, Edd, n Eddy. It sort of looks like it right? maybe we were just drunk. still are?

Anyway, this thing is held together by nothing more than a will to survive. It's basically a flipped bmx frame, with the steering rig from this post. The seat rig is half of the fork from my first tallbike wedged in behind the kickstand plate. Wedged into that is a seatpost from an exercise bike. A bent Free Spirit fork is locked down over the rear axle, and it has one of those cool lean-back bmx seatposts, wedged into it (leaning forward). The two seatposts are connected to eachother by an old bent mtb brake with the spring removed and locked into a fully-closed position. Everything is wrapped with rope and old intertubes for extra strength.

This bike is a WHEELIE MACHINE. It's seat is behind the rear axle, so you have to lean forward and constantly correct tiny wheelies. Great fun!!!!

Kevin is seen here, on his bike, totally killing at whiplash.

Tall Pixie

Bolt-together Tallbike

When I got back to Tuscaloosa, my shed full of old bike parts was still there. I set to work trying to build a two frame tallbike with no welds based on a crazy idea I had in my head.

It does actually ride, but the chain rubs on the frame and there is no seat. Plus it's suped slow and rickety. A success!

My First Tallbike

The tallbike that started this whole addiction. I've posted a picture of it before, but that was well before I painted it. I also installed a bunch of bells on the handlebars. It's the shortest tallbike I've ever been on, because it is made with two mtb. frames and has no extension in the bottom seatpost. Also, it has the ugliest weld you've ever seen.

My Gainesville Tallbike

Gainesville, FL again

Spotted this ugly beast by the craft store. Note the cyclo-cross tires.

Dutch city bike. Utility and style!!

Bandaged Bike Ride (Tuscaloosa, AL)

A ride to raise awareness of cyclists injured or killed by motorists. It ended at the courthouse with some circular rambling by some of those city officials that love us so much.

Pizza Crew 2/19/10 repeated

Some different pix from a different camera.

Dumpstered pizza and old bixe. horay!

post-ride bike wad.

this guy has a pizza knuck-tat!