Monday, February 22, 2010

Pizza Crew 2/19/10

Brian should go pro.

Check out the metal bartape.

Group parking garage bomb.

Maggie and Sam's Tandem

Pizza Crew members Maggie and Sam's shared tandem. Cute.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Orlando, FL

I know it's a bad picture, but take a good look. Note how the seat-post tubes are connected. The new seat-post (threaded pipe) is held on with hose-clamps and everything is secured with with fuckin' fiberglass!! This was sitting in the carport at Mooj's house when I stayed there.

This was in the carport, too. Unfortunately it is short two wheels and a crankset. Oh well.

Another one that was out in the carport. Why weren't any of these bikes in use?

Brakeless fixie MTB at the same house. I rode this one a fair bit. Very nice.

Mooj's Pake fixed gear with a very large MTB front wheel.

Pizza Crew Throwback

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gainesville, FL

Some of the freakbikes me and Jacob made.

A New Bikething Era

A new bikething era has finally dawned. Since my last post, I have seen and built lots of awesome bikes, even though I did sell off almost all of my bikes before I did. It had to me done. I needed to be free of my possessions and go travel the world goddamnit.

The content of this blog will not be reposts of shit I found on the internet. Instead this blog will now contain the pictures that I have taken in travels of interesting bikes and bike events. So, you know, enjoy.