Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sauce by Chunk 666

Check out how these handlebars are set up.  I'm so about to rip this off.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


LOTS of nicely-taken from some BMX throwndown.  This picture is from a game of foot-down.

Cargo Tallbike

Looks like a fixed-gear?

Be sure not to miss the shark bike.


What isn't rad about a nice BMX bike covered in a stuffed dog!?

Prawn Bike

"This bike-riding prawn is one of my favourite things in the Museum’s collection. I both love it, and am deeply suspicious of it."  

Seems to be a prop from an Olympics ceremony.

Bootleg Sessions v.3 Full Trailer

As always, it's hip as hell, but the tricks are still impressive.  I still can't understand how these kids jump off of shit without getting flats or wrecking thier wheels.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Backwards Bike

That looks like a challenge to ride.

Dual-Steering Tandem!!

Good god!  What a great idea!  I'd love to take that thing for a ride.

A few more creative tandems and tallbike on the link.

Cannondale Reverse Bike Adapter!

WTF!  I guess Cannondale is getting in on the freakbike market.  Freakbikes 5 years from now will be professionally-made.  Walmart will have tallbikes and hell will freeze over!

Bicycle Carnie Game

"These photos were taken during an exhibition in the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. The exhibitor offered to challenge anyone to cycle on the bike for a set distance. I paid $5 for three tries. I didn't make it.

He managed to cycle smoothly in circles, which I'm guessing took a lot of practice. But he claimed that three people managed to do it within the three tries. I don't believe it!"



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wooden Bikes at Maker Faire 2009

Found via none other than the Make blog.

More videos on the link.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Amazing DIY Cargobike!

This is amazing!  I can't believe how much work must have gone into this!  I've considered trying to build something like this, but this one is the bee's knees!  Also, mad props for the ugly paint.

Danny and the DEMONCYCLE!

Great bicycle-safety propaganda from yesterday.  Somebody ought to build a replica know, without the possession-by-satan thing.

DIY XtraCycle

I really like how this is done.  Super-simple!

5-Wheel Cart Bike w/ Umbrella

I just finished building my cartbike, which too about a week, and while we were working on it, I was scouring the interenets for ways to improve it and make it easier to ride, and I came accross this feller.

I found the picture on this site, which has 28 pages of different silly bikes with short descriptions.  Pretty cool.

Features & Benefits of a Fixed Gear Bike

I thought this was pretty funny.

Silver King Monark on CL Huntsville

30's aluminum lowrider?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Max Chen's Rideable Art

Max Chen has some great bikes.  Everything from freak bikes to crazy frame alterations.  Enjoy.

Fixed Gear Bike Tricks Filmed Rite

Plant Bike

Pretty self-explainatory.

Brian's Neon MTB

Posting my own bike reminded me to post this.  My friend, Brian, got a mtb for free, so he decided to make it into something he would actually ride.  The painting process took the better part of 3 days and by the end I was tired of looking at the stupid thing that I didn't even care, but it came out really nice.  It was also SS modded.

My New Fixie

Schwinn LeTour III frame with original stem, bars, cranks, and front wheel (for now).  Brakes removed and replaced with a cute little safety brake.  Seat from another bike, and the rear wheel is Swift Arriv fixed/free.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Uni...Tri...Something on Ebay

"No handlebar-but a brake-the balance-bike ist-but easier. This way, handy keep free for other funny stuff.

Learning to ride this vihicle is way easier than riding a unicycle-fun is great anyway chain-propusion. Brake and handle included. Suitable up to 60kg. Perfect for children from 6-12 years."


Antique Kids Bike on CL Huntsville

"this bike has some rust that does come off i just didnt feel like sanding it since its too small for my son now, it is ready to ride otherwise"

When is this thing from!?

Friday, May 29, 2009

20 Wacky Bixe

19 more wacky bikes in this list.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handlebar Basket

These look great!  I'm not usually the type to post new gadgets, but these look strong AND stylish in a big way.

Thanks, Alex.

Orient Tandem Pacer

This thing is super wierd.  I believe it's some sort of assisted-pedaling machine.

You Suck at Photoshop When.... make a monstrosity like this.  It's like they didn't even consider how it could work.  The oval front wheel with two hubs that are chained together is hilarious.

The Dutch Bike

This would be an amazing thing to have, especially in a college town on a game day.  You can look at some other types of cargo bike and potentially buy one on the link.

Fixie-styled Cargo Bike?


It's hard to believe but it's true.  Somebody has build a crazy cargo bike with fixie styling.  The front is so hip looking with it's matching tire and bartape, but the back is just a mountain bike with a shopping cart.

Bicycle Rodeo

This is great.  A must-watch for sure!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some guy in Toronto jacked a ton of Bikes

It's not my usual style to post a news article, especially one that doesn't focus on any specific bikes, but read these quotes and try not to read the rest of the article:

"What exactly was he planning to do with 2,865 bicycles?"

"An additional 200 bikes were seized in Mr. Kenk’s home. Ten landlords around the city reported that their garages had been rented by Mr. Kenk and were bulging with bicycles. As the police gathered the mounds of bikes, they also found cocaine, crack cocaine, about 15 pounds of marijuana and a stolen bronze sculpture of a centaur and a snake in battle."


Wow.  There's a pointless mod.  The page says that they were going for a xtra-cycle type cargobike, but this seems like the most difficult way with the smallest payoff.  The bike is barely extended at all, even though there are a ton of new welds.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ridiculuos Gear Fixing Methods

I've searched far and wide for the most impossibly ridiculously cheap ways to make fixed gear wheels.  Finally, and completely by accident, I found a thread on a forum ( which covers all of the cheap and dangerous ways people lock up thier wheels.  Some methods includ bolting a track cog to a disc brake, and jamming an allen wrench in your prawls.  One person even suggests holding the freewheel to the hub with zip-ties, a method my room-mate used without brakes to get around for an entire summer.  Dangerous!

Schwinn Replica Low Rider on CL Huntsville

My friend, Brian, bought this one.  It's got high-spoke-count radial wheels, velour banana seat, fenders, apehangers.  It's fuckin' rad.  I rode it today.  I've never ridden a lowrider before, and i hadn't expected the fork to feel so wierd.  It's like it turns in the middle of the bike instead of the front.  Also, the crank arms are incredibly short.

Random Bike Stuff on CL Huntsville


Why would you not list at least a few of the things?  Where did they come from?  Why don't you want them anymore?  It looks mostly new.  I can see some bars, a few tires, and a cable lock, but what else is there?  Odd.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Crazy Bike of CHVNK666

Those folx in CHVNK666 know how to make some really freaky freak bikes.  You simply must take a look through their page.

GT/Robinson BMX Tallbike

Yeah, another bmx tallbike.  I found this one on Velospace.  The Bottom bike is (was) an all-original 24" bmx.  They aren't particularly easy to come by.  I'm pretty tall, and if I got really into bmx, I would probably want a 24" or even a 26" bike.

Strange and Artful BMX Lowrider Stingray Tallbike Thing

It looks really great except that I don't like the inverted bottom frame.

Tallbike Lowrider BMX

It's like tallbike meets lowrider!  Love!

Western Flyer on CL Huntsville

Pretty cool lookin'.  I love the tassels.

Columbia Twosome on CL Huntsville

My friends actually just bought this bike.  I went for a ride on it.  Great stuff!  The rear drum brake is soooooooo cool.  Excellent bike.

Sexy Green Lowrider

Another sexy lowrider.  Two in a day.  Deal.

Decked Out Lowrider Trike

Woaaaaaaaahhhh!  I needs it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All You Haters Suck My Balls (the hipster's pennyfarthing)

So appearently pennyfarthings are becoming the new fixie.  This one is really ugly in traditional hipster fashion.  Note the deep v wheel and apehangers.

Pennyfrathing Party


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Schwinn Tandem Stingray on Ebay


Great Cruiser on CL Huntsville

"Beach bicycle customized in Key West, Florida! Perfect for cruising around town! Kahuna moon dog 5 speed bike, bright orange, customized with blue tires, black fenders, black handlebar basket, ble bell, 16" tall handlebars, blue cup holder, extra large padded gel seat with dual springs, side pull brakes, grip shifter for rear de-railer. "