Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Tallbike in Madison

Spotted this gorilla-hanger style tallbike rolling down the street in Madison, WI. You can't see it very good in the pictures, but it actually has a left-side-to-right-side double chain setup and gears.

Brakeless Fixie Tallbike

What a death trap. Seen and ridden in Knoxville, was this thing. I think what made it difficult is the gear ratio. I drunkenly tried to do a trackstand and busted my ass. But Johnathan rode it for the whole Freedom Thighs ride somehow and he could do a trackstand so it is possible. Note the fancy hand-laced wheels.

The mortar exploded on the frist try of this.

How does he fucking do it?

Wooden Handlebars

Why? I don't know. (same house)


At the same house in TN. Appearently those are old battery boxes.

Rotting in the Yard

Spotted these in the backyard of house in Knoxville, TN where a bunch of the bike collective kids live. Appearently these are mostly retired due jousting damage, but you'll notice the before and after pictures. Somebody was working of these while we on our ride.