Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Austin Polo Bike

Spotted this one behind a food co-op Austin, TX.  It's nice to see a polo bike that isn't just some hipster bike with color matching and an excuse to have "disc wheels".  The person who made this one has the right idea.  Fat tires, reasonable gear ratio, platform pedals.  It could use a hand brake, but what really sells it is the welded-on horizontal drop-outs.  Rear axl looks pretty damn beefy too.

Canadian Rat Rod

When I was Canada we took a pay-train as far out of Toronto as possible (long story), but at the end of the line I happened upon this sweet ratrod locke up next a literal pile of bikes.  Canadian bikes.    Note the red front reflector, the double rear brakes, useless front brake, and crazy-ass frame.  Rad.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Italian Tandem Tallbike

This one was submitted by reader Rocco.  Here's a link to the post.  Check out how tall that thin is!  It looks both junky and quality!  Even has double brakes!

Also, I'm going to start throwing some related links of bikes found on the internet down here: