Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tallbike Tattoo

That's right. I got one. Jail-style. In Ida, TN.

Isidro on a Unicycle

Montevallo, AL

Kyle's Krazy Bixe!

Austin, TX

This bike was designed as a sail-bike. Like, with a damn sail! The sails can be removed so you can just ride with huge, crazy training wheels!

Solid tallbike. Two extra welded-in support bars. The steering connection is way cool. I didn't take a picture though. )=

Austin Critical Mass

Pretty good critical mass. A few tallbikes, a cargobike, lots of hipsters on fixies.

Austin, TX

As expected, Austin had some great bikes in it.

Tallbike with fucking antlers!!!

Excellent cargobike make from shitty bikes. The basket is so cool because the guy is a furniture builder by trade.

Sick DIY stretch bike.

Window washer's trike.

I love these old cargobikes.

Some recumbent. Check out the handlebar setup.

Ice cream trikes are everywhere in Austin.

Austin Bike Zoo!

These bikes were showcased for the grand re-opening of the Austin Yellow Bike Project. They have other crazy animal bikes that weren't out including an 80' rattlesnake! Wowzers!

Praying Mantis

Social Tandem

Butterfly Social Tandem

On the way to Yellow Bike

Crazy-ass Cargo Bike

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