Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Crazy Bike of CHVNK666

Those folx in CHVNK666 know how to make some really freaky freak bikes.  You simply must take a look through their page.

GT/Robinson BMX Tallbike

Yeah, another bmx tallbike.  I found this one on Velospace.  The Bottom bike is (was) an all-original 24" bmx.  They aren't particularly easy to come by.  I'm pretty tall, and if I got really into bmx, I would probably want a 24" or even a 26" bike.

Strange and Artful BMX Lowrider Stingray Tallbike Thing

It looks really great except that I don't like the inverted bottom frame.

Tallbike Lowrider BMX

It's like tallbike meets lowrider!  Love!

Western Flyer on CL Huntsville

Pretty cool lookin'.  I love the tassels.

Columbia Twosome on CL Huntsville

My friends actually just bought this bike.  I went for a ride on it.  Great stuff!  The rear drum brake is soooooooo cool.  Excellent bike.

Sexy Green Lowrider

Another sexy lowrider.  Two in a day.  Deal.

Decked Out Lowrider Trike

Woaaaaaaaahhhh!  I needs it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All You Haters Suck My Balls (the hipster's pennyfarthing)

So appearently pennyfarthings are becoming the new fixie.  This one is really ugly in traditional hipster fashion.  Note the deep v wheel and apehangers.

Pennyfrathing Party


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Schwinn Tandem Stingray on Ebay


Great Cruiser on CL Huntsville

"Beach bicycle customized in Key West, Florida! Perfect for cruising around town! Kahuna moon dog 5 speed bike, bright orange, customized with blue tires, black fenders, black handlebar basket, ble bell, 16" tall handlebars, blue cup holder, extra large padded gel seat with dual springs, side pull brakes, grip shifter for rear de-railer. "

You Can't Look Cool Riding a RickSycle

I'm sure it's fun.  But it looks soo stupid.

Link to an ebay auction where I found it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Best Junk Bike Ever

I LOVE this bike.  It is a beautiful display of inventiveness.  I'd ride that.

Push/Pull Swing Bike?

Here's a wierd bike.  I assume it's just an art piece, but it makes me need 10 spoke wheels for my unicycle.

Hot Dog Vendor Bicycle

I think this is a hot dog vendor's bike.  

Lots more vendor and cargo bikes on this flickr site.

Stuffed Dog Bike!

It's appearently made out of a big stuffed animal.

Hot Dog bike

Looks like they built it around a slick of stinger.  Shame.  

More here.

Monkey on a Bike!

Awesome butler-monkey riding a sweet old bike!

Cadence introducing...KEO

Good tricks.  I especially like the skitching and no hands wheelie through an intersection!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Those Crazy Hipsters!

I know $1000 is not that much for a complete, quality fixie and I do love PBR, but if I had a $1000 I would keep riding my beater and buy some much nicer beer.  

Honestly, This is Interesting

I know you've seen bamboo bike frames before, but this is way cool.  This bamboo was actually grown in the shape of a bike frame!!  That's brilliant!

Crazy Cargo Bike

Finally, a cart-bike that makes sense.  Mostly it just reminds me how much I need a tandem bike.

Another picture and a few more bikes on the link.