Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Regions Bank Bike on CL Birmingham

"Regions Bank "Lifegreen" bicycle used as one of the first promotional bikes for the AmSouth / Regions merger. Purchased at school fundraiser auction from bank donation. Unique item that will be part of history! Cleaning out and have to make room. Don't want to sell but need the space!"

History?  Really?

Old Trike on CL Birmingham

Really old, but prett sweet.  I'd consider it if it was cheaper.

Fixie MTB on CL Tuscaloosa

What?  Not only is it crazy to see cool bike on CL Tuscaloser, but a fixie mtb?  I can't believe there are two of these here.  There is also a purple fixie roadmaster mtb that I see on campus all the time.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Furry Tall Pixie

I don't care what that kid says.  This bike is the shizzz.  Totally built for an adult rider.  Needs a psuedo-cide wheel.

Gravity Bike

Gravity bikes are super-aero bikes with no propulsion system other than gravity.  These bikes are usually built to be very heavy and have the rider laying down.  They range from lightly modified (read: no welds) bmx bikes to full-blown crazy expensive ones.  I found out about them from this site.

More here.

Really Cool 4-High

Does anybody know the origin of this pic?  I found it here.

Veer Trailer

I'd really like to see this.  No clue when it's coming out.

I found here.

Very Classy Tallbike

Found this when looking at flickr shots of ZooBomb.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slick Tall-Pixie

Where did that bottom frame come from?

Lots more cool pix on the link.

Funk and Junky Tallbike

Small MTB, BMX, and a pixie. Check out the chain setup. It's the triangle style, but with a derailleur and a giant exercise bike chainwheel.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Full Suspension Ski Bike

I bet that would be fun.  Too bad this is Alabama.

On Make.

Water Bike

Looks pretty cool.  Not much info about it here.

Folding Bike and a Dog Trailer

This site has a collection of similar pictures of people and thier folding bikes.

Vintage Bicycle Museum

Pictured above is something called a running machine.  I guess they hadn't invented pedals yet.  LOTS more cool-looking bikes on this photo-tour of a vintage bicycle museum.  This is really worth checking out.

Family Tandems

Ugh.  I just puked a little.  The bike is something I really love - a wacky tandem, but the family is something I really hate.  I don't like families, helmets, sunglasses, hands-free phones, racing tights, or USA.

This site has many more awesomely-long tandems with obnoxious families on them.

40s Firestone Super Deluxe on CL Huntsville

Single-speed with apehangers.   Looks pretty cute.

80s 10-Speed Cruiser on CL Birmingham

Step-thru style.  $25 seems like a pretty good price.

Carving Bikes

This site has a pretty clever version of the swingbike that they call carving bikes.  You can appearently rent these bikes from them for $10 an hour or $30 a day.  Looks pretty simple to me.  I'm going to build one.

They also use the site for show off thier rather impressive collection of triple-high tallbikes.

Bike Filters Water While You Ride

Via this link.  Appearently it's for harder regions of Africa where the trip to water is long and the water is unsafe.

Thanks Alyse.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bone BIke


Critical Masses

Plead for a critical mass website here.  Snarky comment about critical mass here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bear Riding Tallbike!

This is on the previous link, but I decided to re-post it since it's so cool.   I wouldn't want anybody to miss it.

Vintage Tallbikes

Johnny Payphone has a great webpage about vintage tallbikes with lots of pictures and a bit of thier history as lamp-lighting and advertising devices.  Also on the page is a vintage ultimate wheel using a pennyfarthing-type wheel.

Check this out for sure.

More DIY Ultimate Wheels

This site has more ultimate wheels and more in-depth descriptions.

DIY Ultimate Wheel

This site is just somebody's personal site to feature thier unicycles, but they includ an ultimate wheel that they made.  I bet it's even harder to ride that a store bought one.

Rat Patrol History

Johnny Payphone wrote a pretty silly history of thier Chicago-based Rat Patrol freakbike gang.  Lots of funny old freakbike pictures on there.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Magic Wheel

Magic Wheel...gic Wheel....gic Wheel...gic Wheel

Pretty Classy Fixie Trix

Sorry for all the videos today.

Ultimate Wheel Race

Riding the Impossible Wheel

Ultimate Wheel Tricks!

Pennyfarthing Racing

I love that they still wear racing tights and all that.

Bike Thief

This is pretty cool.

Amsterdam Bicycles

This website is sort of interesting.  Some American d-hole went to Amsterdam and observed, with a camera, the bike culture in a busy intersection for 76 minutes.  It's cool to see the contrast of bike culture, but the writer seems to think that sanfrancisco has it figured out way better.  Also, thier writing is waaay repetitive and annoying.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet TrIke Carriage


Thanks Alex.

Step-Thru Western Flyer on CL Huntsville


BIke Jerks All City Chapions

Another comp. of really cool fixie trix.  At the end there is and impossibly long skid.  I did a fair bit of looking, and this is the coolest fixie trick comp. I've found so far.

Lots of Niiiiiice Old Schwinns.

This is my favorite bike from this site.  The Stingray shifters really are the coolest ever.  The site seems to belong to somebody who has lots of time and money to pour into restoring super-antique Shwinns.  Lots of great pictures and stuff on the link.  Lots of stuff for sale too.

Free Mount 5ft. Unicycle

I know I've always wondered how to get on.

Giraffe Unicycle Plates Trick


Bootleg Sessions Trailer

Fixies are so the new bmx.

Ultimate Wheels and More

Unicycle.com has some pretty sweet unicycles including these ultimate wheels, some giraffe unicycles, impossible wheels, and something called pedalo.

Thanks to Muriah/Alex

Two Schwinn Varsities on CL Birmingham

They appearently are in rough shape and they still $40 each for schwinn's bottom-of-the-line.  No thnx.

(ps - sorry, if you care, that I've been lazy on the posting)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Futuristic penny-farthing

Aero pennyfarthing? Next cool thing amongst fixie kids?

Friday, January 9, 2009

60's Era J.C. Higgins on CL Huntsville

Looks unrestorable to me, especially for $50.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Extra-Tall Roadbikes on CL Birmingham

Nice ones for what seems to be pretty fair prices.  Wouldn't it be cool to make a tallbike out of two extra-tall frames?

Recumbent on CL Birmingham


Propeller Bike

Wow.  Just wow.  A bit of story and a short video on the link.

Clowns Ride Tiny Bikes

Like this one, and this person.

Spidey Tallbike Joust

Spider Person!  Way more awesome pix of this event and others here.


Fuckin' rad monocycle.

Thanks, Alyse.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Josh Hadar's Crazy Choppers

Josh Hadar makes some slick-ass bikes.

More here.

Found here.

40ft. BMX Jump Into Pool


Bikes of the Future

Futuristic concept bikes.

More here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pizza Crew Ride Coming Up!

If you live in the Alabama area and love riding bikes, partying, and eating pizza, then you should do your best to attend the upcoming ride of the Tuscaloosa Pizza Crew. Meet at the Snappy Tomato Pizza on 15th street at 7:30 for pizza, then ride, then party. Everybody is invited. If you want to come and you don't have a bike, leave a comment and I can lend you one of mine. This shit is going to me good.

Facebook event.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cool Bike Party

Some of my friends at the Sharpe Community House in Cashville, TN.

More pix here.

Wooden Tandem Bike

This is really nice looking.  I like the wood light fixtures.

More pix on the Link


Mountain unicycle?  I know it's a real sport but I've never seen a specialized unicycle for it.  Note the half-fork, suspension seatpost, and hand-brake.

13-Wheel Unicycle

Ultimate suicide wheel system.  Sorry I don't have a bigger picture.