Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fixie Tallbike with a Disc Wheel

Here's an incredibly dangerous idea: a brakeless fixie tallbike.  I can't get my head around who would build this?  What could be the point of building a trackbike/tallbike out of high quality components.  

Giant Bike

Seems like another unridable piece of art.

Tiny Tandem and so much More

I LOVE vintage freakbike stuff.  This site has tons of old newpaper clippings of freaky, odd, and diy bikes.  Do check it out.

Triple Tandem Bike

No end in sight!

Schwinn Stingray Tandem

Sorry for all the tandem posts lately.  I just happen to think they are the shit, is all.

Cycle Truck update!

Cycle Truck update!
Originally uploaded by cricketpress

The Schwinn Cycle Truck has a pretty brilliant design. It's a bike to carry large loads via a big front basket, but what makes it unique is that the basket is attached to the frame and doesn't turn with the wheel/bars, which makes for a much more stable ride.

Interlaken 2006 - Mono-roue

Unicycle the other way around.  Seems hard to ride.

Atomic Zombie Skywalker Tallbike

Atomic Zombie makes some crazy-ass bikes.  They are mostly recumbents and trikes, but there two tallbikes and some choppers that are really impressive.

DIY Tandem is Held Together with Duct Tape!

I'm planning on adapting this plan to be a bolt-together and doing it myself.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Long-Ass Bikes

Here are some wacky choppers from Neatorama.

Ralleigh Chopper MKII

Ralleigh's attemt at the Schwinn Stingray?

Ultimate Beach Bruiser on Ebay

Beach cruisers can eat it.  This is how it's done.  I bet it weighs a ton.

Wierd Mini-Tandem Bike on Ebay

I don't really understand this or how to ride it.  Seems like you would go really slow and clip your pedals on the ground.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bike Kill 2004

Bike Kill is the anual holiday of the Black Label Bicycle Club in NY.  They invite other bike gangs, get drunk, and wreck bikes.  

Crazy Lowriders

Here is a great site with plenty of crazy-ass lowriders.  I don't really understand this culture of cyclists, but I love to look at what they do.  These bike seem almost unridable, but they are cool.

3-speed close up

3-speed close up
Originally uploaded by flippabotamatic
Okay, maybe nobody will find this cool, but I've never seen a shifter like this. Very awesome.

Wooden Bike

This bike is entirely wood.  Even the chain.  Most impressive is the wood freewheel.  And the builder is only 16!!!  They made it for a school project.  

Check out more pix on the link.

Shiley Tight Bike 3

Shiley Tight Bike 3
Originally uploaded by flippabotamatic
I didn't realize the builder had finished this when I posted the unfinished one.


This seems super hard to ride.  Seems to be made out of brand new bikes.  I guess you can do that when somebody is willing to put your bike up as art.  Link.

Old School BMX

Check out those wierd old pegs.  I love the outfits too.

Best Unicycles EVER!

Okay, I seriously just had to bookmark this site.  It is waaay too cool.  They have everything.  Big wheels, 5 wheels, there is even a 22-foot unicycle, and sooo much more.  If you only click one of my links, sersiously, you need to click this one.

Tallbike in Peru

Nothing really out of the ordinary on the bike, but I really like the story that goes with it.  (follow the link)

Aw Dang...

What happened?  This link isn't much help.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Western Flyer Grand Trophy on Huntsville CL

Huntsville CL does it again.  

Suicide Wheels

Suicide wheels are when extra wheels are turned by other wheels. They are never needed, but they are so cool.

This is what I consider the propper suicide wheel.  Note how the top back wheel delivers power to the bottom back wheel.  You have to pedal backwards to go forwards.  Suicide.

This bike, however, has a chain driving the bottom wheel and all the other wheels are just for show.  It's cool, but is it as cool as really impractical danger?

Romantic Face 2 Face Tandem

Looks sweet to me.  I found it on Gizmodo which seems to think anything other than a 1-person, 1-frame, 2-wheel bike is the dumbest thing on earth.  I just don't like such negi writing.


Shopping Cart Bike

I guess it's just cool.  Seems like it would be practical, but I guess not.  Seems really well done for something so pointless.

More Extreme Unicycles

Even more extreme.  Cooler trix too.

Unicycling The Extreme Way

Excellent unicycle riding.  Very excellent.

Tallbike Whirligig

Furry Chopper

Cute.  Found here, sort of.


One of Johnny Payphone's Penny Fakethings.  Johnny has a little website with plenty wierdo PennyFarthings. 

Watson Gap Jump

Some person appearently jumped the entire Tour De Frace.  Full article here.  

Schwinn Twin on Huntsville CL.

Huntsville Craig's List does it again!

Motorized MTB on Birmingham CL

Too cool.  The seller says that they will install a motor on your bike for $350.

Tandem Tricycles


Chain Gangs

Some Chicago newpaper article about the local bike gangs. Features Rat Patrol and Human Television Network. 

Full article here.  

Via Johnny Payphone's blog.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tallbike Slam Dunk!

It is what it says.  I'll be trying this pretty soon.

Full-Suspension Kiddie Bike

I'm not sure why, but I think I need one.  Link.

Tree bike.

Tree growing around a bike!  More on that here.

Dinoman Bike

Appearently a street performer's bike.  Awesome paintjob.

pic via vibsawm.

BIKE (club) (the movie)

I would love to watch this.  I wonder if they ever acutally made it...

Cargo Bikes are sweet

This one looks particularly classy.  Via this blog post.

More cargo bikes here, here, and here.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Fastest Bike Videos

Insane downhill MTB! Over 100mph! Bicycle literally breaks in half at 0:46. The squeamish may want to stop watching at 1:04 when they show the rider's face.

This vid is a bit long-winded, but it's pretty impressive how freaking fast these folks can go.

Worst Tallbike Ever

Fast forward to 2:56.  That's when they start trying to ride it.  Check out the weights on the front to keep it from falling backwards.

Long Bike

looooooooooooong road bike.  Appearently part of an art exhibit.  A few more cool bikes on the link.

Choppercabras (55)

Choppercabras (55)
Originally uploaded by digablesoul
Holy shit! This bike will fuck you up! How do you stop?

Click the pic to see the full photo set. Lots of great pix.

Sweet Choppercabras Wheelie Bike

Another sweet wheelie bike.  Choppercabras via Mikey Wally.

Square-wheel Trike

This kid looks so sad about riding this freaky machine.  Good.

freak bike

Originally uploaded by BruceTurner
wheelie bike?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Western Flyer on CL Huntsville

Wow.  What's up with the sexy vintage bixe on CL Huntsville lately?

Merry Xmas II (revenge of xmas)

Recumbent bike covered in xmas lights.

Merry Xmas

Might as well do a couple of these....

Old Skool Fixie Trix

1899!!! This is before they had invented freewheels or brake mechanisms, so the post-pennyfarthing bicycle was basically today's brakeless fixie. What goes around comes around.

Underwater-ass bike

Who puts a perfectly good bmx bike underwater?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Originally uploaded by ipsofatso
I love the spoke card.


Originally uploaded by ipsofatso

The night I wrecked my room-mate's bike (and my face)

So one time I barrowed my room-mate's bike without asking. Naturally, I wrecked it. I was trying to catch up with my friends, so I was standing as I pedaled and I was going fast. Then the handlebar grip slipped off. The bars went sideways and hit me near the groin. The impact bent the handlebars to a crease. The front wheel went sideways and threw me forwards. My hands got stuck behind the bars and the first part of my body to hit ground was my face. Fucked up my glasses and beat me up pretty bad.



I felt so bad about wrecking the bike that I stayed up super-late replacing the wrecked part with ones from my Ralleigh. He ended up getting the wheel fixed and kept my handlebars because he liked them more.